Friday, September 25, 2009

I am a Warrior

I am open, I am seeking
Light come to me

As I sleep. As I walk the plane of mist and visions.
Light visions let me see with my willing heart.

From darkness I emerge into another life
Surrounded by the veil covered by my tears

Light break through the darkness

I am a warrior of peace. I am a warrior of light
I am a warrior who moves beyond time

Come to me from your inner womb.
Let me sooth you away from doom

Come to the brilliance and away from despair
Come to me, your soul I shall prepare

Monday, September 21, 2009

Roots of the Heart

Roots run deep

Like those of the heart

Like those of heartache

The smallest connection can have the greatest impact

As the ripples of life touch us, we forget to feel these connections

As the ripples of emotion move us, we block out their subtle message of peace and compassion

As the ripples of heartache affect us, we forget the messages of compassion and peace.

We erect the walls around our souls, becoming unable to receive the messages of the Divine.

We all seek peace.

May it be soon that we all find it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Punished for Being Me

Early morning wakens me with tears...

The chatter continues. I hear their voices from the distance.

Their concerns are not for me. Their compassion wanes.

They wake me frequently with their thoughts and words. I see the trees that surround them and ask for help.

The trees smile but can do nothing, for their chatter drowns their plea.

The one thing we are told to be. I am punished for being me.

No matter how kind I can be, I am punished for being me.

By: Leandra Witchwood
First published 11-5-08