Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lessons of Owl, Owl Medicine

Lessons of Owl

Owl is a mysterious creature who is friends with the night and flies on silent wings. Her presence is rarely noticed unless you know where to look. Her breeds and calls are numerous, and her lessons are never easy. Owl sees what we want to remain hidden. Owl is honest and sees directly into our heart and soul.

Although we have become most familiar with her symbolism of being wise, there is more to her. In many Native American tribes, Owl is the wise one, the feared one, and the honest one. Some tribes see Owl as a symbol of danger and is deeply feared. They consider her a bringer of dark or black magick because she is a creature of the night and her ability to be around you with out you ever knowing. Owl is a silent presence always observing and is rarely seen. Some even see Owl as a “demon” or as a companion of those who practice Magick of ill will. In some cultures, it is said that if you see an Owl a horrible curse was coming your way.

However, most tribes adore Owl. They see her as a cunning and silent observer who sees all. She perches in the trees looking down to notice the smallest detail. Owl moves from tree to tree never making a sound continuing to observe and learn. When you least expect it she will call to you and startle you, immediately you realize your actions, deceptions, and movements are watched very closely. For those who try desperately to keep their dishonesty hidden this is an uneasy realization.

In the tribes and cultures where Owl is most beloved, she has two faces. She is the Wise One. This is the more accepting face of Owl, one we have chosen to associate closely with Owl.

Her second face is the True Seer. She is the one who sees clearly through to even the most concealed deception. She sees the tricks we play on ourselves and others. She sees our manipulations and does not hesitate to call us out on them. She tells no lie and she does not look away. It is for this reason Owl people are both loved and feared.

Those processing Owl Medicine are strong with True Seer energy, because of this they are often pushed out of groups within society. Many find themselves feeling very uncomfortable around people who have Owl Medicine although they may not know why. The reason for their discomfort is simple… Owl reveals one’s deceptions and when Owl Medicine is at work deceptions are exposed. There is rarely a middle ground with Owl people, unless Owl chooses to keep her distance or keeps the knowledge of said deceptions silent. Keeping silent is very difficult for Owl as it is her duty to reveal deception.

When we don’t understand Owl Medicine we find Owl’s honestly very unsettling. As many of us struggle with the truth and lies we hide within, Owl sees them clearly. Owl brings these deceptions forward and looks within us with giant piercing eyes. She looks into the depths of people and sees them for who they are deep down. This ability makes people very uneasy especially when they are not ready to face their own inner demons. When Owl is asked to reveal something she does it with naked honesty. When she is asked to call out the truth she does so even when the requestor is not prepared for the truth. Always prepare yourself if you ask for the truth from Owl.

Owl’s comfort with pointing out the areas where we hide and stumble is alarming. This ability is not exclusive to those around her. Owl also sees her own inner demons and regularly faces them. In some cases, it is hard for Owl to remember that others do not contain her unique gift of acceptance and her willingness to face her inner demons.

Owl does not mean to bring fear to others, her true intention is to bring peace within. She is practicing her gift as she best knows how in hopes that you will open your heart and mind to accept your growth potential. Her goal is to make these areas known so one can work on strengthening one’s character.

Owl people are not usually cruel people, they are genuinely compassionate, and they care deeply for those she reads. If Owl chooses to keep her distance from someone it is wise to follow her. She most likely sees something within that person that is disturbing and is not likely to change. She may not be able to tell you exactly what it is that repels her, but in time, you will see it revealed.

Because Owl prefers the cover of darkness and the camouflage of trees, her Lunar symbol is the Dark Moon and Full Moon. In some traditions, the dark of the moon is when Magick is most powerful. Some see it as being the time for “Dark” or “Black” Magick, while others (like Owl People) see it as being a time for Inner Magick. The Magick that is most difficult to reach because it requires you to conquer the darkest and deepest inner places of your heart and soul. This Magick comes from years of meditation, stillness, balance, and a full understanding of self. This Magick is only accessible when the user is completely able to let go and achieve true balance. To some surprise this ability does not come naturally to Owl people in their current corporeal form. Only through time, practice, patience, and mistakes can one achieve the balance necessary to perform Owl Magick.

If you encounter someone who seems to possess Owl Medicine, remember to be aware of why you might feel uncomfortable in his or her presence. Remember be careful in asking Owl to reveal what she knows, you may not be prepared. If you open your heart and mind, Owl has a great many lessons to teach.

Successful Spellwork

Successful Spellwork

Lately some of my students have been asking me questions about Magick. Magick is a great subject because it is so personal and yet so universal. Several people can have the same intent and go about achieving it in very different ways, proving that there is no one right way to do things. The variety is stunning and holds special interest to me.

I had a one student ask me a question; I'm sure runs through everyone's head when it comes to using Magick. Her question to me was, "What makes Magick work and why is it effective for some but not others?"

In my experience, several factors must work in your favor for a spell to be successful. This list of factors varies with each spell and each person, so getting things right is very important and tricky. I think this is where most of us get confused and deterred. The elements we need to work in our favor are not always within our control.

As many of you know a spell is commonly compared to a prayer, yet intensified. There are several elements to consider, like timing, tools, specific intent, location, etc. In addition, there are plenty of "don'ts" we are taught when it comes to spell casting. Who wouldn't find the task a little daunting? I know I did at first.

I learned that if I follow some simple guides I tend to have great success with spells. Here is a list of things I have found help successfully create and cast spells. I am sharing this with my friends hoping that you can apply these ideals to make your own practice a little more effective.

1. Will. Keep in mind, this is not the same thing as intent. I have learned that I must have a specific desire that drives me to plan and execute a spell. This isn't as simple as a general need, but strong desire that drives me to work and focus. It needs to be clear and obtainable...

2.Talent and Skill. Some people have a lot of natural talent and some have to work at Magick a little harder. Others have a little of both talent and skill and seem to have no trouble with Magick. It doesn't matter if you have a little or a lot, just try your best, develop your skills, use your natural talents, and you will be amazed...

3. Patience. Some times we need things right away, but many times what we think is urgent, can wait a little while longer. When we are patient with Magick and ourselves, we can achieve things on a grand scale. You could be going without for many reasons. Maybe there is a lesson you need to learn or you are undermining your own needs and desires. Keep in mind that real life is not like Bewitched, we can't crinkle our noses and poof we have a basket of apples appear. Sometimes it takes years for your intention to become reality. Maybe your prosperity you are working on now will manifest later when it is a better time. Relax and let things happen, as they need to happen. Plus if you are following a spiritual path there may be certain expectations placed on you in connection to obtaining your need/want.

4. Wiggle Room. Give your energy room to adjust, as it needs. When we allow it to self adjust we allow it to work in the best possible way for our own benefit. Give your energy freedom and room to work. Keeping it contained and too tightly controlled is no way to get what you want and need. Perhaps you think your Magick needs to go right but in fact it should go left in order to be productive and successful in outcome.

5. Trust. This is HUGE! Trust in the energy you call upon as well as your own. If you doubt it, scoff at it, second-guess it, etc., you deplete yourself and the energy. I think the consequences are obvious.

6. Confidence. This next item also goes hand in hand with trust. You must have confidence in the energy you conjure as well as yourself. If you cannot believe that you and the universe have the ability to move and change things, you will get nowhere. Be confident about your work and abilities, and be wary of arrogance. Also feel and know that you are worthy of obtaining what ever it is you conjure.

7. Intent. Clear intent is essential most of the time. Sometimes we don't know exactly what we need and that is when we leave it in the hands of a greater power, (which is when spell work is more like praying). Magick is not necessarily passive. Magick is usually direct, after all it needs a place to go. Know what you want. State your intentions as clearly as possible. If you intend to come into a large sum of money by winning the lottery then say so. Just a warning… be careful what you wish for… You might get it.

8. Attitude, be positive. A positive attitude is everything. If you are continually negative about your situation, stop it! This is something we all struggle with from time to time. When I find myself down in the dumps, I change my attitude fast and decide to make it a happier day. Much of how things happen to us and what happens to use depends on how we look at things and how we react re-act.

9. Organization, get yourself organized. Organize your thoughts. Organize your tools/materials. (If you need them) Organize the space where you plan to work. Write your spell out and list the things you will do first, second, third, and so on. Also, make sure your space and tools are clean. When you have it all together you can focus and therefore making your spell more effective.

10. Personalization. Make the spell YOURS! Sure you can get ideas from others, why not! Just don't rely on the work of others (which usually is tailored to that other person's needs) to work specifically for you. Yes, in some cases it can happen, but not all the time. Make the energy yours, make the intent yours, make the spell yours! Own the energy and live completely in the moment you create.

11. Space. Being cramped or in a place that is too open can be distracting and can hinder your progress. Also, keep in mind other factors of the space, like the temperature of and noise factors. You want to keep your focus.

12. No after thought. When you are done with the spell and you release the energy, forget it! Clean up your workspace and tools, refrain from picking your work apart, analyzing your techniques, questioning the effectiveness, etc. Just let it go. If hours or days later you find yourself thinking about the spell and thinking about it in detail, distract yourself and find something else to think about or do. When we continually think about the energy we send out we end up calling it back to us and taking it away from your goal, thus depleting it of the strength you gave it in the first place.

13.Action outside the spell. Look at your situation before you plan your spell. I like to use "money" as an example when it comes to spell work because we can all relate. If you are sitting down to plan and conduct a spell that will attract more money to your life it is always a great idea to look at why you are low on funds to start.

Could you budget a little better? Do you spend money on needless things or things that are not sustainable? Do you need a budget to organize your spending? Perhaps you could just use some discipline. Once you look at why you have no money explore and decide on a plan of action that will help you keep the money you bring in. There is no use in doing a spell that will bring you more money if you can't keep it and use it wisely. Take time to identify the things you can do to improve your situation. Then after you cast your spell put these things into action. If you found that you need to follow a budget to control your spending, then create a budget and stick to it. You can even add an element into your spell that will help you establish discipline in sticking to your budget. The point is Magick doesn't and cannot work if you will not help it and allow it to work.

14. Practice makes perfect. Don't expect that because you did one spell successfully that you are a pro. Keep up the good work by doing spells as often as your personal energy allows. Perfect your techniques and skills through repetition. You can do simple spells for your friends/family (with permission of course), for your dog, your cat, yourself, etc. Also, give yourself variety by trying different forms and techniques. If you are good at Candle Magick, try Color Magick or elemental Magick next… Variety keeps you fresh and inspired.

The list above, for me, matters in all Spellwork. Of course, there are other things we can add to the list, but I think this is fairly complete. I found that no matter the day, phase of the moon, or the position of the planets I can execute a successful spell by following this guide. Sometimes all the elements fall into place on their own and other times I have to work at them a little more. It all depends on the situation.

Friday, October 30, 2009

The Brightest Flame

The scent of Cinnamon on the candle awakens my senses

I run my fingers along the Tengwar carved into the wax.

It reminds me of my intent and stirs my soul

Red scales and wings surround me

Something is coming. It speaks to me in my dreams.

Protection, Strength, Energy, and Resolution are mine

So Mote It Be!

Monday, October 26, 2009

In Hope of Understanding

What I expect of you is nothing more than for you to remain true to your heart and dreams.

What I dream for you is for you to bathe in strength and beauty. What I dream for you is that you find your place as I find mine.

Emotions on the tide are made into storms out at sea. We toss and turn while our true intentions are lost and our desires endlessly burn.

Words are lost when spoken in anger and intent is misunderstood. We close our minds to the possibilities and lose the things we hold dear to our hearts. Honesty is my strength and my weakness. It is my blessing and my curse, as I am sure you have found true. I will be nothing but honest with you, that is my calling, what else can I do?

The fog of loss and confusion makes it hard to take. All we can do is improve as we recognize what makes us blind… In hope that from insanity we shall awake.

I see in you a light, brighter than most. A light that is filled with strength and hope. A light that is slowly being put away.

The constants remain, my love for you… my dream for you... my hope for you. Let your light shine from within and not weakened or dimmed.

Sometimes the one who banishes our light is within and we must seek to banish this limiting being before forgiveness can begin. Many call it ego. I have to agree. To find it deep we must go. Into place we‘d rather not know.

From this being, I have spent a long time learning how to break free. It is hard to let go. It is sneaky and friendly. It is sly and speaks to us the words we want to hear. It is hard to let go.

Beware this is not our only challenge. There are others who will help this limiting presence breed, rather than let your true self flourish and grow. That want us to conform to their own inner greed.

What I expect of you is nothing more than for you to remain true to your heart and dreams. I still care about you, no matter what challenges we go through.

Life is tricky and even more are the relationships within… but when I see you shine it is then I must not resist my own inner calling. Yes I must, give in. I see your light clear and true, but a lethal haze is rolling in, what else can I do?

I have no choice but to set aside my assumptions and truths I hold inside. After all we are no more than humans. People who try to find the answers… but fail as we are caught up in the emotion and drama created within. Stillness is a clear window to the soul this is where healing will begin.

Honesty is something we cannot deny. Knowing this, I choose to grow beyond the assumptions that loudly cry. I find peace for myself and hope you will find it too. Stillness brings to me rapture and intensity.

To find understanding between me and you, reaching out is all I can do.

You are my friend no matter what challenges we go through and YES I still care about you.

Daily Mantra, 10-26-2009

"Happiness is an attitude of mind, born of the simple determination to be happy under all outward circumstances." - J. Donald Walters

I choose to be happy despite the troubles surrounding me. I choose to be joyful despite my despair. I choose to dance in spite the chains around my feet. I choose to grow my love within in that it may overshadow the hate I encounter from without.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Thy Mirror of Thou Soul

Thy Mirror of thou soul
Thou truth be told

Reflect to see what thou have deeply veiled

Thy Mirror of thou soul
Thou truth be told

Look away thou cannot
thou must resist not

Thy Mirror of thou soul
Thou truth be told

Through fire and trial
thou soul reborn

Thy Mirror of thou soul
Thou truth be told

-Leandra Witchwood

Missing: Teachers and Elders, A Concern in the Pagan Community

Author: Leandra Witchwood

When we seek out to discover something new, expand our current understanding of a topic, and become spiritually competent, it is a good idea to seek out a Teacher. Teachers and Elders are a necessary guide in spiritual transformations and enlightenment as they help guide us and support us. Although not all Elders are Teachers both are important as their years of experience help guide us and enlighten us on our long journey.

I have studied Wicca and Witchcraft under some very wonderful Elders and Teachers. I have studied various traditions from Reclaiming, to a form of Gardnerian, to simply reading material by my favorite authors. In the mix of these great teachers, I have also had some bad ones. Never the less, they all taught me something valuable and for that I am grateful.

It is through the teachings, support, and challenges my Teachers placed before me that allowed me to grow. I moved from being a curious student to a leader, counselor, Priestess, and on occasion a Teacher. Without their words of wisdom, advice, and knowledge, I would have had no good examples to base my own practices. The fundamental responsibility of a Teacher/Elder is to guide us, challenge us, and allow us to grow into our own. It is with good example and support students ar able to continue the legacy of spirituality.

In the past several years, I have noticed a disturbing trend within my own Pagan community. Compared to the other communities I have lived in and interacted with, Pagan/Wiccan Elders and Teachers are less than valued. Certainly not every person contributes, but the ill attitude is very evident. Perhaps, you have noticed this same trend in your community.

Quality Teachers and Elders are a unique breed of person. The really great Teachers are hard to come by because they have walked the walk for many years. Good Teachers are good because they have suffered the trials of spiritual growth and know their techniques, history, etc. As they offer up their knowledge and wisdom, they sacrifice their selves in hopes of continuing a spiritual legacy. They take time away from friends, family, work, home, and their own spirituality to offer to us something wonderful.

Quality Teachers and Elders are here to show us a way of achieving the things we desire and need through hard work and discipline. They are not here to hand us the answers. Instead, they are here to show us how to get the answers, then it is up to us to find the strength to hold on to these answers. Sometimes this requires us to realized and deal with something that is complex or upsetting. Quality Teachers and Elders challenge us to take that extra step and remove ourselves from our own suffocating bubble. Being uncomfortable is key to shedding our old skin so we can grow.

I like to associate learning a difficult Craft, Technique, and/or Tradition with my experience in learning mediation. When I was learning to meditate my teacher taught me about Shenpa. Roughly translated Shenpa means “Hooked” or even “what hooks you” to a certain reaction, feeling, moment, etc. Shenpa is what distracts you and prevents you from staying in the moment. Shenpa is difficult to describe because it is beyond description.

To grasp meditation and to get an understanding of my own Shenpa, I was instructed to allow my feelings, no matter how unpleasant to bubble up. Then I was asked to do something difficult, stay with these feelings. When I felt anxious or scared, I had to stay with it. I had to experience everything that comes along with it. I would allow the tension in my shoulders to come and feel the tension. When the sensation of something terrible is happening I had to stay in the moment and feel it. I had to allow myself to feel the perspiration of my body. I listened to the words coming to thought. I had to let it come so I could experience it all.

The process was incredibly difficult and on many days unbearable. Experiencing the panic and discomfort was the only way I could move forward. When I allowed my self to surrender to the moment realized something interesting was happening, the anxiety and fear dissolved. I was able to gain control of myself. When I accepted my discomfort instead of resisting, I was able to release my Shenpa. I became like the branches of a tree, I would sway in the wind instead of breaking. The feelings were able to flow through me instead of slam into me. This end result is what my teacher intended me to achieve. I could not achieved this ability if I chose to give up on the Teacher and the lesson. Worst of all if I had given up I would have given up on myself.

Teachers and Elders come to us in many ways. They write books with snippets of knowledge for us to consider. They offer classes on-line, in their homes, at gatherings, or in community centers, and more. So with so many ways to share knowledge and teach where have our quality Elders and Teachers gone? What made them disappear?

Over the past few years I witness what communities do to Teachers and Elders. We become too critical too often, we eat up their time, we complain about their fees, give up on their lessons when they become hard, we take these unique people for granted, and more! I even witness people discrediting Teachers and Elders before they give the individual a chance to teach. In some of the worst cases, we place mediocre Elders and Teachers on pedestals; we become their “groupies” as we lower our standards.

I know… I know… Not you…You would never treat an Elder or a Teacher with disrespect or over indulgence. Yeah, I thought the same about myself a while back. We do these things without realizing sometimes. Our actions or even non-actions become damaging, as we remain blind to our habits. After all, habits are best repeated when ignored.

Over the years, I notice that students give up and dish out the most disapproval toward Teachers and Elders when the lessons become tough. Learning the most valuable lessons is never easy, but always necessary. When we expect our teachers to just hand us the answers we are missing the point.

Would we want our grade school teachers to just give our kids the answers to an important test, especially if this test was significant to benefiting their future? Of course not, this would make most people very angry. We want to know that our kids know their stuff! We would see this type of education as a waste of money. We would recognize it as wasted time in the classroom and most of all we would see this as damage to the learning and growth process. The same goes for spiritual teachings. Why should we expect that our spiritual Teachers give us an easy road to follow? We must surrender to the lessons without making the lesson more difficult by putting up a wall of resistance.

Spiritual Elders and Teachers are here to challenge us. They are here to give us the key and it is up to us to open the door of spiritual growth. They are here to support us as we brush away the cobwebs and sweep out the dusty recesses of our hearts and minds. When we resist their lessons and when we expect the answers to come easily, we hinder our growth while masking the source of our being stuck. Witnessing a student give up on his/her self is one of the most frustrating things a Teacher can experience. After this happens, there is nothing the Teacher can do for the student.

My best teacher was a very hard teacher. She told you like it was and her lessons were difficult. She was a wealth of knowledge and a great asset to the community. She had guts, charisma, and wasn’t afraid to do what was necessary. Her best asset was also her flaw. She rubbed people the wrong way or rather people took her the wrong way.

Her no nonsense approach made people very uneasy and eventually she was forced to leave the community. She felt unwanted and betrayed by the people she sought to up lift. To this day her legacy is in full force but those who currently manage it have removed her from it. The solid base she gave the community remains, but she is forgotten. In looking back I am glad to have helped her achieve this mile stone in the community. However, I feel the pain and betrayal she was handed. The community wanted her ideas but not her standards. They were willing to ride the momentum of her drive, but unwilling to know and accept her. Ironically, this very community boasts about tolerance and acceptance. It is interesting to see how things like this work out.

Like many of our most valuable Teachers, she has taken all her years of knowledge and wisdom with her in retreat. The community used her up and discarded her with no remorse. Although it was sometimes hard, I stuck by her. I felt a certain compassion and empathy for her. Like I said, she is blunt! She never candy coated what you needed to do, nor did she hand out respect eagerly; You have to earn it. Perhaps there was something deep within me telling me that her difficult style would set me on the track to becoming balanced and knowledgeable.

It is not easy to learn things about yourself when you are not ready or willing to admit them, much less change them. I found I distanced myself from her on a number of occasions. Each time I came back I grew spiritually and personally. I chose to know her rather than give up. In doing this I did not giving up on myself. I am a different person now than I was 8 years ago. I owe a lot of my growth to her lessons and stern personality. I am now able to see her true quality and appreciate her. I understand her trials and her wisdom. I understand why she does certain things a certain way. I know she is never mean or cruel. Instead, she has the biggest heart of anyone I know. It is because of her heart and desire to help that she once opened herself up for others to benefit. To me she is exactly what any community needs. Sadly, she is gone from it and the community must go without. Those who now need her will not have her.

When you decide that you want to learn something and when you find a teacher who is willing to teach you, understand that it is not all about you. Remember, “It’s a two way street”. You can’t expect to automatically move forward without fully engaging the lessons of your Teacher. Your Teacher must become part of your journey. You must work to gain their respect and confidence. You need to humble yourself to their lessons. You have to earn your achievements. You have to work toward your goal for it should never be handed to you. Savor each moment and lesson. Do your very best even when the lesson is tedious or difficult. Cherish your Teachers and Elders, but don’t put them on pedestals. Listen to your Teachers and Elders, respect their time, and most of all give back to them what you take.

If your Teacher is teaching you free of charge, do something for them after each lesson that shows you care. Mow their lawn, wash their dishes, organize their library, replenish their supplies, or make them a great meal.

If the teacher you are using charges for the lessons, give your money graciously. Know that the money you pay is not only for their time and for effort but it is also going toward supplies, the facility, maintenance of the space, and so on. Whether you admit it or not, it takes a great deal of time, resource, experience, and effort to create a well thought out and educational class.

Most of all refrain from being too critical of your Teachers and Elders. Yes, they are human and yes they will make mistakes, but be an adult about it. If you need to address something, address it. Don’t make up stories in your head about the situation or dramatize it. Don’t make them out to be an aggressor and you the victim. Talk to them in a non-confrontational manner, one adult to another. Be accountable for your actions and reactions, as you would expect your teacher to be toward you.

Showing our respect and appreciation for our Elders and Teachers is most important. If you noticed that a teacher in your community seems to have dropped off the face of the planet, look them up. Send him/her a message of warmth and respect. Drop a plant off at their front door with a simple note or ask them to teach you something. Let them know you remember them and you consider them an asset to the community.

If we fail to show our appreciation and respect, we lose our best teachers. Without our Elders and Teachers, we limit ourselves in resources and perspective. The world would be a dreary place if we could only see in black and white.

**View this article on WitchVox,
Published May 31, 2009

A Pledge to Remember

I again realize how we forget the value of and how precious people are in our lives.

The relationships we forge go on even after we do not.

I pray for love and peace for all who have touched my life. I pray for resolution in those relationship that have become damaged.

I pray for hope and clarity for you today!

“May you have enough happiness to make you sweet, enough trials to make you strong, enough sorrow to keep you human, and enough hope to make you happy.” -Author unknown

An Experience of Spiritual Transformation

We live in a very tense society. We are pulled apart... and we all need to learn how to pull ourselves together....
I think that at least part of the answer lies in solitude.
~Helen Hayes

To become spiritual begins we must experience stages of transformation. Some of these experiences are short and fast while others seem to take forever. More often than not, spiritual transformations are painful and difficult. Nevertheless, these stages are necessary for achieving our ultimate goal in becoming spiritual beings on this plain and the next.

My most recent transformation began about two years ago no where near an end! I do admit some days change is hard to bear and I wish it would hurry the heck up, but then there are days when it all makes perfect sense and I don’t mind the lag.

It all started with a standard Medicine card reading. The intent is to focus my efforts in the right direction for the day or week depending on the situation and project. I could feel myself becoming unbalanced and disoriented on my path and felt a strong need for some clarity.

I know many of us who specialize in divination do this kind reading for others and ourselves all the time. Usually they are basic, the person in question draws a couple of helpful cards, and we are on our way. I honestly thought that this would be one of those simple readings. As the universe would reveal, I was very wrong.

I remember it clearly; I was sitting at my usual spot in the park over looking the Susquehanna River during my lunch hour, when I pulled a very distinct arrangement of cards. The spread I was doing was intended to show me how to achieve balance through Father Sun and Mother Earth (above and below). The shock came to me as I revealed my cards. Instead of balance, they spoke specifically of change, and chaos.

First, I pulled Dragon Fly. On the surface Dragon Fly teaches us about Illusion. The story of Dragon Fly talks about how he was once a very powerful Dragon who was tricked by Coyote into the form we know today. When we look at Dragon Fly, we see the Magick bottle up within Dragon Fly through the iridescent shimmer of Dragon Fly’s wings.

Knowing this we also consider Dragon Fly to be a symbol of locked up potential. When we see Dragon Fly in a spread, it tends to mean that the person in question is not living up to his/her true greatness/potential. This blockage is usually evident through some sort of illusion the person places in his/her life.

Dragon Fly is also a symbol for change over time. It takes about 2 years for many Species of Dragon Fly to transform from an egg to an adult Dragon Fly. Therefore, as a reader I recognize that Dragon Fly is telling me that I will be entering into a 2 year transformation. Dragon Fly is also one of the few creatures equally associated with Air and Water.

For me, this card fell in the Mother Earth position. This position teaches us to receive the goodness Mother Earth has to offer through time and patience. This energy is of the Female trinity; Maiden, Mother, and Crone. This ever-changing female energy opens us up to creativity and psychic pathways.

Therefore, from the start of this reading I am told that slow change is coming two fold. I am also told that all seeds require time to germinate and need nurturing before they can grow into their true potential, again two fold.

The next card I pulled is for the Father Sky position. This is of Male energy and Warrior Energy. In this position, we are taught lessons of how to heal, how to move forward, and how to look at things in the material world. This energy is faster and plays a distinct contrast to female energy, which is slower and less analytical.

As I turned my second card to face me, I was dumfounded to see Frog. I was not sure what to make of this spread. I even looked up at my favorite tree for some clarity, but only found the words “accept it” instead. I thought to myself, “Did I not shuffle properly? There is no way both of these cards could end up next to each other in this spread. However, there they were, and their message was clear.

If you have not guessed, Frog is another symbol for transformation. Frog’s association is with Earth and Water, which is only one of its many links to Dragon Fly. Like Dragon Fly frogs goes through a transformation, but only faster.

I sat back and knew that I needed to expect some serious changes. I knew that at least the next two years would be hard. Change is not always easy and lets face it we humans are not very welcoming of change, especially when the change promises to be BIG! Nevertheless, I was glad to have the warning.

I have moved past the two-year mark of this foretold transformation. I look back and see that so many things have happened. I was laid off from my high paying desk job, began working in the theater as a seamstress, started a business, ended the business, had a baby, developed some really great friendships, and then lost them.

So now, I am here… Where exactly is “here”? I am not sure yet. I know the journey is not over and there are more big changes coming. What I do know is that I have transformed.

What mattered to me before seems superficial. Having a high paying desk job that allows me to buy the latest and greatest is no longer a priority. Instead, I am happy working a low pay job that allows me to be with my family.

Instead of having, a bunch of friendships that are shallow and dare I say it… fake. I now focus on friendships that are meaningful, fulfilling, and pure.

I have to admit that through out these past couple of years I have taken some hard hits, so much that I have almost completely moved myself from my local Pagan Community. I have even shed myself of most Pagan friendships. Through it all, I experienced some severe depression, anxiety, and remorse over the people and things I lost.

Often I found myself alone to wallow in my self-pity, but it is through this solitude I found my strength and myself. Although this journey has been tough, I am walking forward with so much more than I had before. I have learned to listen to my inner voice more closely, which has drastically improved my empathic abilities. I am now more skilled in reading my Medicine cards, especially for others. I am spending more time worrying about the Earth and my family, rather than worrying about being included in the next big ritual or concert. I have discovered the true character of those who do a very good job of pretending. More importantly, I have discovered my own true character, which surprisingly enough has not changed much. Instead, I have raised my standards.

I am spending more time teaching true seekers who want to learn and grow. I have shed the need to look “good” in the eyes of others and I am now starting to look good to myself. I focus less on the superficial and more on the bigger picture.

Now, I find solitude valuable. I am no longer afraid to be within myself as I find peace and enlightenment.

As much as change stresses us out, it is necessary. If I learn nothing from all I have gained and lost, I at least know that I have not yet reached my full potential and that I have the opportunity to keep going. When I was in the deepest darkest depression morning all I had lost, one thing pulled me through; I always have the opportunity to stand up and move forward.

Through pain, we know happiness and through self-discovery, we evolve. When faced with losing it all we have a choice to make. Do we deviate and weaken on our spiritual path or do we rise above to become our true potential?

In every event and through every trial we have a choice. Everyday, we are empowered to make that choice.

Blessed Samhain

As the darkness draws near, I feel the turn in the cycle of the year.

Samhain is not far away, stronger it becomes everyday.

Souls are now free to speak.

Like fire, heir voices are not weak.

Listen closely as they speak to you.

Telling you everything, you already knew.

They will not give you a wicked sneer.

Know that you have no need to fear.

The time is come to know the power within.

Enter the veil. I am ready to begin!

At Home with Mystery

It was the moon that spoke to me in a whisper

Her words were soft and mysterious.

It was her silver light showing through the clouds

like and eerie beacon illuminating my path.

One could then two,

clouds obscured my view as I watched her shine despite the obstruction

Within mystery I find my sanctuary,

as through the veil I pass.

This is the new blog....

Hello and welcome!

I am glad you followed me to this new blog. I hope to have all my material moved over as soon as I possibly can... Now that the issue with logging in is solved I can update and post more regularly.

Bright Blessings!!!