Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring time come and with it the Sun.

Spring time come and with it the sun.

The light within is burning bright as we dance by the fires at midnight.

Peace and stillness that I find brings me close to heart and mind.

Truth be near as I seek my path within the trees. Divinity within I seek to please.

The light within is burning bright as we dance by the fires at midnight.

Spring time brings a sense of peace and urgency. In my heart the words I kept, as inspiration once slept.

Spiraling power let it grow, the inner Magick that I know.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

God: Universal Power, Universal Influence, and Universal Teacher.

I do not think of God as a being, or one who resembles the personality and emotions of a human. God is absolutely more than that!

God is a Universal power. One who knows all, see all, and understands what really matters. I find God in every form, male, female, animal, plant, and mineral. God is Goddess, and Goddess is God. A Universal power filled with love and hate, peace and chaos, creation and destruction. Universal Power is well balanced, serving the greater plan. Someday we might understand this plan, but not just yet.

I leave my fears, worries, and needs in the metaphoric hands of the Universe, as I know it will provide what I need when I need it. I do my best to live in each moment, fully. I strive to remain a positive beacon of light, which will absorb and create more positive change in my life as I live my life wholly and freely.

    The Universe knows my limits, my strengths, and my weaknesses. I will be tested as I am given the opportunity to grow. I will be encouraged to step outside my "comfort zone", where I will be shown a new level of existence and harmony with the Universe. There will be times when I question what I believe. There will be times when others challenge my beliefs and ideals. As these questions and challenges take to my path, I will indulge them and I will grow stronger on my path as I am led to my greatest potential.

I will refrain from judging others who judge me as I walk my path. I will remain true to the one who matters most on my path. This is my own journey.

Positive change and growth is my mantra. I will speak it when I rise. I will remember it as I make my way through each day and I will speak it again before I sleep.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Live Each Moment

The present moment is all that matters. The past does not... The future does not.

What you experience here and now, feelings, thoughts, and judgments, are all up to you.

Our perceptions are colored by our thoughts. The endless inner chatter that floods us and takes over is what clouds our true ability. Once we take back the present moment, we begin to understand what we lost.

Everything depends on us, as a collective. We are united if we choose. We are one people searching for the greater good, if we so choose!

If we choose to love instead of hate, we be it!

If we choose to help instead of hinder, we will achieve it!

If we choose flexibility over rigid uniformity, we will become tolerant of one another.

If we choose peace over violence, we will at last become peaceful.

The answer is in each moment as we experience them. As we live each moment, we have renewed and endless opportunity.

Nothing matters, except this moment, right here and right now. The past does not... the future does not. Here and now is where it all begins.

Aman Nai